Campus Cop: The true story of a retired campus police sergeant who worked at a major urban state university.

Campus Cop – This story is about a police sergeant’s experience of being a law enforcement officer and supervisor at a large state urban university for 27 years. The reader will learn about the authority, duties, challenges and experiences of a university police officer. The reader will also learn about the Clery Act and Title IX requirements for public and private colleges and universities. Marc Ross Huckless is a retired state university police officer. He served 27 years as a police sergeant for Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia from 1993-2020. Old Dominion University is an urban public institution of higher education. The Old Dominion University Police Department is a professionally accredited law enforcement agency that provides law enforcement and security services to the campus grounds and surrounding areas. In the beginning of Marc Huckless’ career, he learned that a new officer’s field training experience is extremely important and every new officer needs quality on-the-job training after graduating from the police academy.

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