Two Average Joes: A True Survivor Story

How unique and yet terrifying would it be to hear first hand what it’s like to be abducted? How scared would you be to find yourself in a car and then finding out you’re alone with a convicted rapist and a convicted killer. What would you say? What would you feel? Would you be quick and begin to figure out a way to escape?  Would the paralyzing fear consume you to the point of being numb?

Two Average Joe’s has taken a unique opportunity to hear first hand the account from a true survivor. A woman that defied all odds, with her bravery, shear nerve and her will to survive.

Let’s go back to 1961, when a man from Niles, Michigan was convicted of raping a blind girl and robbing her boyfriend.  This same man would walk out of prison on December 1967 on parole but free to roam Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas of southern Michigan. Yes, that’s right that was also during the same time as the Co-Ed murders of Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. He later raped and killed a beautiful woman from Owosso Michigan in 1973, a mother and a wife. Then a year later, he ran into this woman.  A true survivor, a fighter.

Two Average Joe’s brings you her story, in her own words, her fear but also her triumph.

TAJs will be bringing you more episodes on the alleged suspect in this case and convicted murderer and rapist, Gerald Wingeart in the near future.

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