2AJs Presents: True Crime Incorporated – Episode 2: Why is it so Hard to Correct Myth?

Why is it so hard to correct myth? In spite of facts, crimes can be committed and no one will be charged or held accountable.

In the case of Dawn Basom, who was murdered over 50 years ago, her case has never been solved. No one has ever been arrested and no one has ever been sent to jail. However, if you goggle her name, you would quickly see that she is considered to be one of victims of the 1960’s coed- murder, John Norman Collins.

Do we really know that? Is that true or do we just think that because she has always been listed as one of his murder victims. That is the question TCI is asking.

We ask that and why is it so hard to correct myth??

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Terror in Ypsilanti: John Norman Collins Unmasked by Gregory A. Fournier

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