The Story of Two Average Joes

Robert Baker and Joseph St. John were raised in Newport News, VA during the 1970s. Living less than a mile apart and attending the same school, Willis A. Jenkins Elementary, Robert and Joe met in 3rd grade when Robert, who was known as Joey back then, moved to the neighborhood. As a matter of fact, they met the first day that Robert went to his new school, and they started a friendship that continues to this day.

It was not a friendship that did not endure unbroken over time. After high school and multiple attempts at  trying to be rock stars, they moved onto different life paths. Joe went on to join the Newport News Police Department and attained the rank of Captain and later Chief of the Columbus, MS Police Department.  Robert would join the US Armed Forces and later become an attorney with his own law firm in Allegan, MI.

During the pandemic, they reunited to discuss fitness and it turned into hours-long discussions on the culture of America. Often, these conversations turned in to “WTF America” and what is happening to our nation. We also discussed fitness, movies, music, and the life of individual Americans.

Stand by and get ready to take the ride of your life as Two Avg. Joes tell it like it is: Unfiltered and Unapologetic.

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