2 Avg Joes S01E04: The Vax, Forced Mandates, Time to Free America and School Boards Gone Crazy

Today’s guest, Ken Beyer, is a small business owner, an inventor, and an innovator who took a leap of faith and trusted in his Lord, Jesus Christ. Ken is a Front Line Patriot who leads the charge, riding into the storm knowing that Jesus will provide the Protection, People, Knowledge, Skill, Desire, and Opportunity to do his will.

See more about Ken’s business, the Clog Squad:


This week’s episode of Two Ave Joes discusses:

  • The Vax
  • Forced Mandates
  • Time to Free America
  • School Boards Gone Crazy
  • More Government Overreach

The following links will help you follow the stories covered by Two Ave Joes:

 Law Professor, David K. Clements REFUSES to MASK UP or get the JAB

Thrivetime Show: Business School without the BS

Thrivetime Show: Business School without the BS (rumble.com)

Reawaken American Tour


Time To Free America


And the most frightening of them all:

Allegan County (MI) Threatens to Detain Parents If Children Do Not Mask


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