2 Avg. Joes S01 E09 – Jeff Dunham’s Achmnderson Blitzer, Fitness in Today’s World, and Introducing Deliverance Harrison

#JeffDunham #Biden #Fitness

We are back with a little spice… Deliverance Harrison

This week’s episode of Two Ave Joes discusses:

·      Jeff Dunham’s Achmnderson Blitzer

·      Fitness in Today’s World

·      Introducing Deliverance Harrison

The following links will help you follow the stories covered by Two Avg. Joes:

Achmed thanks… uh… “interviews”, President Joe Biden | JEFF DUNHAM

LIVE: President Biden Press Conference | JEFF DUNHAM




Deliverance Anne Harrison – Southern Heat

When You Aren’t Liberal in College by Isabella Azzolino


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