My Child, My Choice

Ken Beyer and Kent Esmeier, two partners of Two Average Joes, have put together an incredible video about the Hamilton, Michigan School Board’s overreach. The total lack of control and decorum demonstrated by the school board should have every freedom-loving American concerned about their liberty. The COVID situation has everyone concerned and we should be. However, it is apparent that others want to turn health concerns into a freedom grab.

Ken and Kent’s narrative of their video is very apropos:

“This is a video about three moms who are speaking up for their freedoms. They are pushing back against their lack of choice because of the masking mandates at their schools. The Hamilton School Board meetings have been filled up with parents speaking out about the lack of choice regarding masking of their children. Michigan State Representative Steven Johnson encourages us to speak up and stand up for our freedoms against appointed (non-elected) officials.”

Take the time to listen to the moms of these children.  They are correct about the struggles students are having at school. While mainstream media is selling a “Sweet Story,” the children have suffered, not only emotionally but educationally as well. There is no “nice” story to sell about the pandemic.

The video addresses the concern of many about people who were never elected to office having great power and sway over the people. Laws and lawlessness are directed at the citizenry, with the people having no representation or voice. It is a fact that we all want to be safe, but at what cost and at what destruction to our communities?

Words can not express the outrage citizens felt when the Allegan, MI Health Departments sent a warning letter that if parents did not follow specific Covid guidelines, the government would be willing to remove the children from the parent’s home. Yes, you read that right. The government is willing to remove your children if you do not follow their COVID health mandates.

Is this America?

Please watch the video.  It is an eye-opener.

Joseph St John

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