To Believe Or Not?



One of the odd myths is that goldfish have a memory of three seconds. Goldfish can actually remember things for up to five months. This is sometimes longer than most people have with some events in life. A myth that almost everyone has heard is that cracking the joints leads to arthritis. There isn’t any kind of evidence leading to this being true at all. It’s mainly just to scare you from doing it or to keep you from making the sound as it bothers some people when they hear joints being cracked.


If you eat sugar, you’re probably worried that you’ll be hyper for long periods of time. This is not true. Sometimes, it seems like it is true because you feel like you have more energy after you eat a piece of candy, but sugar has been shown to have nothing to do with hyperactivity. The affect is actually a placebo that is seen when you’re around adults and other kids who are eating a lot of sugar and tend to get a little crazy.


You’ve probably heard that Einstein was really smart, but there are some people who have said that he was a bad student. He has always been a superb student in school with top grades. Some people think that a penny dropped from the Empire State Building can kill someone because of the force behind the object. A penny isn’t heavy enough to gain enough speed or strength to kill anyone or even hurt you.

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