Eric Lefkofsky Is The Author of Accelerated Disruption and A Successful Businessman

Eric Lefkofksy, the author of Accelerated Disruption, has led a successful life and knows all of the ins and outs of starting up profitable business’s. He started out his working career as a carpet salesmen but quickly moved on to co-found his first company, Starbelly, with his business partner and friend, Brad Keywell. Starbelly was a “pre-bubble” internet company that focused on promotional products. He stayed with Starbelly for some years and then moved on to found InnerWorkings. By providing print procurement services for mid-sized companies, the company was a success and its growth continued for years to come. Most recently, Eric has put together Tempus, which is a health-tech company that delivers personalized care by enabling physicians to make real-time, data-driven decisions based on a database of genomic information that is made available to them. This allows a physician to see the past results of treatments that were successful for patients in similar circumstances as theirs. The groundbreaking database that Tempus has created and is still updating is a huge ally in the modern battle against cancer.

In his book, Accelerated Disruption, Eric Lefkofksky talks about how disruptive business’s come about every day that offers up better choices for consumers. By edging out the competition with better service, more convenience, improved functionality, or better prices, these business’s can redefine an entire industry. He believes that many of them let their opportunities slip through their hands by failing to keep up with the rapid pace of technology and following the direction that it will head in during the future.

On his social media accounts, Eric Lefkofksy shares his interests, hopes, and thoughts about many different topics near and dear to his heart. On his Twitter account, you can find Tweets that share articles that focus on some of the latest developments in science and cancer research, and on his Facebook page, you will find posts that reveal some of the partnerships that Tempus has participated in as well as some of his favorite charities.



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