Rona Borre is Just Getting Started

When Rona Borre started Instant Alliance in the spare bedroom of her Chicago condo, her vision was clear about the results she expected. She had just quit her job as the leading sales producer of one of the largest staffing companies in the world in favor of beginning her own company. She had led her former company in sales and had blasted through every sales record in existence winding up being in charge of a book of business in the $30 million range.  Continue reading on

Would she expect anything less, as she would be doing the same thing as before, but for her own company on her own dime. Rona Borre is a visionary who makes the dream come true. She focuses on hiring technological and finance professionals and placing them with Fortune 500, mid-sized and smaller firms, but she has an edge.  Learn tips from Borre, click on

Borre says that most staffing agencies miss the boat in one important area. They fail to establish that strong relationship between the staffing company and the client. Borre insists that she or her account executives know everything possible about the needs and chemistry of the client company. How will the new recruit fit into the corporate culture, for example?

By the time she answers those questions, she is moving heaven and earth to find that one special person. This is her secret, and why her hires have only a 1% rate of attrition over the last 15 years.

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